Pentagonite on Stilbite
Wagholi Quarry, near Poona, Maharashtra, India
Cabinet, 9.8 x 9.5 x 6.2 cm
Teal blue, clusters of lustrous Pentagonite, to 1.5 cm across, are nestled in a vug of drusy, lustrous, ivory colored stilbite. The stilbite is very glassy, unusually so. The Pentagonite is very bright blue, unusually so. together, a stark contrast! The specimen has, overall, a very rich amount of Pentagonite and for the price is one of the better deals on pentagonite I have been able to offer over the years. It is more 3-dimensional in person and retains the appearance of a natural cavity with some depth. Sawed in the back during removal, but no saw marks visible on front .