Wagholi Quarries, Wagholi, Pune Dist., Pune Div., Maharashtra, India
Thumbnail, 2.1 x 1.8 x 1.6 cm
Ex. Gamini Ratnavira
$1,250.00 Payment Plan Available
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A gorgeous and full sized thumbnail of pentagonite on matrix of stilbite druse. Now, pentagonite itself used to be an extreme rarity, and there is admittedly more of it on the market today, from small pockets found over the last 20 years in India. However, nicely balanced specimens in a thumbnail size are rare with matrix, they are mostly just loose clusters. It is the matrix-look, with the color contrast, the poise, and balance that makes this special. Pentagonite is the dimorph of cavansite (same chemistry, different crystal habit) and 1000 times more rare in nature! It is the perfect thumbnail! Includes original watercolor painting by Gamini Ratnavira, as shown in 6x6 inch custom frame (he used to do commission paintings for mineral collectors in Southern California primarily, and charged $500-750 per painting).