Wagholi Quarries, Pune Dist., Pune Div., Maharashtra, India
Thumbnail, 2.2 x 1.9 x 1.6 cm
Ex. Irv Brown
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Pentagonite is a dimorph of the much more common cavansite, which means they have the same chemistry but somehow for reasons not fully understood, grow into different crystal structures. A fine pentagonite is found in India in a ratio of about 1 to 1000, compared to cavansite. India's Deccan basalt traps are the only great locality that exists for them in quality. Previously, they were known as microcrystals from a small site in Oregon. Nowhere else produces such beautiful blue crystals. This is a particularly fine thumbnail, for the balance and size, and the overall aesthetics. The crystals of pentagonite here are robust and rather thick for the species, as they are normally more slender and fragile by far. We believe this is undamaged, or possibly with just a few contacted crystals.