Wulfenite (Unique Habit!)
near Urumqi, Kuruktag Mountains, Xinjiang Uygur Region, Northern China
Cabinet, 10.8 x 7.0 x 5.3 cm
This is the weirdest and most unusual of the lot of several hundred wulfenite specimens that I obtained at Tucson - there were only even 2 other pieces at all like it in habit, and those smaller. It is incredibly dramatic because of the odd "dusting" or surface alteration (perhaps to mimetite?) that is on selected preferential faces of each crystal - so that you have a color contrast within the same specimen of otherwise uniform crystals in appearance. The crystals, to over 1 cm, are squat and fat, and very orange-red in person. The oriented yellow-orange dusting accents that hue in its contrast.