Demantoid Garnet
Thetford, Quebec, Canada
Thumbnail, 2.7 x 2.0 x 1.3 cm
Ex. Wendell E. Wilson
I should say up front that Wendell considered this and I like to think thought it worthy; but the purchase was put off in part because of the large exchange we made for another specimen. This wasn't in his collection - but as he specializes in garnets, I had purchased this with him in mind when the pocket became available at Tucson this year. Then I lost track of it as it was in with these pieces....and so it remains available! This is one of the fantastic new garnets written up in the What's New from Tucson report recently, by Tom Moore. It is an exquisite pair of highly modified Demantoid Garnets that mirror each other and grow around a small core of tiny Demantoids. The larger crystals are blue-green, partially gemmy, and highly lustrous. THE COLOR AND BRILLIANCE DOES NOT COME THROUGH HERE! THIS IS A DRAMATICALLY SHOWY DEMANTOID, WITH MUCH BETTER COLOR In PERSON...Quality Demantoids are very rarely seen in this size, color, or brightness. A great thumbnail from a rare locality as reported in the recent issue of the Mineralogical Record, as I said. I believed this to be, for my taste, the best of the lot. I should point out that the crystal size is remarkable for the locality, aside from the sheer beauty of it.