Kegelite, Siderite
Tsumeb Mine (Tsumcorp Mine), Tsumeb, Otjikoto (Oshikoto) Region, Namibia
Thumbnail, 1.7 x 1.4 x 1.3 cm
Although this may not look like much to most collectors, others will recognize it as an extraordinarily rich specimen of the extremely rare species Kegelite, a lead species found in macrocrystals only at Tsumeb (the type locality). This piece has a rich covering of crystals with characteristic pearlescent sheen to them. The little clusters reach 1mm, which is exceptional in size and richness for the species. A sharp, lustrous, gemmy siderite crystal is in attendance for contrast. Only few valid kegelite specimens ever were recovered, and most available pieces are trims from those original pieces (this being no exception, a trim that previous owner Eric Asselborn said he obtained in trade in the 1980s, and from one of the specimens in BMNH holdings). Analysis by Bart Cannon confirmed the ID. Another trim from this same specimen was also in the Asselborn collection, and is now in the Smithsonian Institution. Ex. Eric Asselborn Collection.