near Urumqi, Kuruktag Mountains, Xinjiang Uygur Region, Northern China
Large Cabinet, 31.8 x 16.5 x 12.2 cm
A HUGE PLATE of thicker, more robust crystals with amazingly very little damage given the size and exposure! This is the largest plate in good condition that I am aware of. In person, the color is orange-red, but a little bit dull compared to other pieces in brightness only because it has not been cleaned with acid to remove the bits of calcite attached. I like the contrast on so large a specimen, and there are small white druses throughout, that provide a contrast to the orange-red color. This piece contains LARGE crystals to 4.5 cm in parallel growth clusters, and has MANY crystals of an inch or more. Again, its in amazingly good condition overall with only insignificant damage. The specimen, if not sold, will be trimmed into halves that would still be large and are probably each worth as much as I am asking for a quick sale on the whole thing.