Calcite, Chalcopyrite
Brushy Creek Mine, Greeley, Viburnum Trend District, Reynolds Co., Missouri, USA
Large Cabinet, 19.0 x 11.7 x 8.1 cm
A large, spectacular, pristine compound crystal of calcite from Missouri. The terminations are all complete, and sparkly chalcopyrite has coated the recessed areas of the crystal, making it exceptionally beautiful (what actually happened is that the original crystal was covered in chalcopyrite, and then the calcite began growing again, enveloping the original crystal in some areas and leaving the chalcopyrite exposed in others; so this is a phantom; you can see the surface of the original crystal about a centimeter inside the later, transparent overgrowth). The crystal sits up perfectly without a base, as there is a flat face where the crystal was on the matrix (a natural contact face). very NICE! 19.0 x 11.7 x 8.1 cm