Jalgaon, Maharashtra District, India
Miniature, 3.5 x 3.0 x 2.5 cm

Large, finely-formed crystals of powellite such as this are quite rare, and are highly sought-after by collectors. In fact, you can go through the inventories of a bunch of Indian dealers at a show without their being able to produce a single really good powellite specimen amidst many clunkers. Here is a sensational specimen, for size, luster AND translucency! The display is phenomenal, you could not design it better. The larger crystal sits on a natural "base" of a smaller crystal, with a spray of scolecite on it. You could hardly ask for a prettier specimen of this rare (in good crystals) mineral It would be a $3-5k specimen but for one small flaw, a shallow chip at one of the terminations. Still, look at the aesthetics of this piece! We felt this was probably one of the best powellites you could ever get for $1000 or less that looks so sexy and will stand over time against the crowd of lesser specimens in this price range.