Cadmium Smithsonite
Dam Project, near Hezhou City, Guangxi Province, China
Small Cabinet, 6.9 x 6.0 x 2.4 cm
These remarkable smithsonites are the best I have seen over 10- years of watching a piece or two per year surface on the market, presumably stashed years ago and now coming to light as a small lot I picked up just before Tucson. I am NOT aware of recent mining for these, nor have I ever seen quantity, though I have sold 4 -5 of them in the past decade. This piece is by far and away the best of the lot. It has a quality to it that could compete with the best cadmian-rich material from Arkansas' classic Philadelphia Mine in Rush County, and more crystal structure as you can see - it is not truly botryoidal as might be smithsonite from those other locales.