Mauldin Mountain, Montgomery Co., Arkansas, USA
Cabinet, 11.7 x 9.6 x 4.5 cm
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Mauldin Mountain Quarry has been producing world class Wavellite specimens since the 1970's. The fill and road grade quarry is in a fractured chert formation that contains deposits of Wavellite throughout the fracture network. This is a beautiful example of the enticing radiating spheres and clusters of microcrystalline lime-green Wavellite. While the surface is mostly composed of intergrown spheres, there is still a few discernable botryoids, mainly on the edges, as large as 1.6 cm. The majority of the Wavellite are complete but there are a few that are broken revelling the radial fibrous growth habit. There is a small area of a contrasting rusty brown iron oxide coating as well as a whitish gray to light yellow coating on some Wavellite balls on the periphery and the back. This cabinet sized piece has a great coverage with nicely saturated green Wavellite spheres from a recent find in a classic location.