Mauldin Mountain, Montgomery Co., Arkansas, USA
Cabinet, 11.7 x 6.2 x 3.8 cm
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Striking plate of lustrous intergrown Wavellite botryoids on a fractured chert matrix from the Mauldin Mountain Quarry in Arkansas. These spheres have amazing lime-green color with a spectacular sparkle to them. The largest sphere, located on the lower right, measures 1.7 cm across. The top edge gives way to some of the history of the piece as partial spheres, due to extraction, show the radial crystal structure with part of the sphere green and part of the sphere replaced with an unknown black mineral. There also does appear to be some yellow to grayish-white Crandallite present. The majority of the spheres are complete and free of damage. The angular pieces of matrix jutting out in multiple areas adds a geometric dynamic as well as a visual contrast and balance to the display. This is a superb specimen for its wonderful composition, glamorous rich color and overall "pop".