Fluorite on Fluorite
Qingwan mine, Wujita village, Chenzhai town, Zhuji city, Shaoxing prefecture, Zhejiang province, China
Cabinet, 10.1 x 7.2x 4.2 cm
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The golden yellow Fluorites are simply EXQUISITE on this specimen, with excellent relief on a contrasting purple base. The Fluorites are in ball-shaped aggregates of rounded crystals and on this specimen sparkle from every direction - exhibiting a wet luster with a translucency that allows one to see the purple Fluorite underneath as well. This nearly pristine piece shows the globular interconnected form of the Fluorites sitting on zoned purple octahedral Fluorites that is typical for the location but unusual in this level of quality, literally among the best specimens in a group of probably under several hundred all told. The largest individual botryoid measures 2.8 cm in width. The high quality Flourites on this specimen just have a juicy look that gives an extra "pop" to the piece. This is the first time we have had these unique Fluorites posted publicly, although we bought them in summer of 22, as we were waiting to see if more would be found (they have not!).