Copper ps. Azurite
Rose Mine, Grant Co., New Mexico, USA
Miniature, 3.3 x 2.5 x 1.6 cm
Ex. Evan Jones; David Stoudt
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One of our favorite pseudomorphs, or mineral replacements, are these shocking examples of copper after sharp crystals of azurite. However, they rarely form with good and sharp preservation as you see here, with copper so sharp that you can slice your finger on it if you try to. Normally, they are more rounded, and lack this kind of machined-looking fidelity to the original azurite. Also, this has a good luster. these are among the more unique copper mineral specimens from the USA, and we always buy them when available, only coming out of old collections. In this case, it was previously in the collection of Arizona specialist Evan Jones. He obtained it from the Brian Wilton collection. It likely dates to the 1960s-1970s.