Lost Lake claim, Nacimiento Mine, Sandoval Co., New Mexico, USA
Cabinet, 13.4 x 10.3 x 3.8 cm
Ex. David Stoudt

These unusual azurite concretions came out of New Mexico over a period of a few years and seems to have stopped producing. Varying degree of quality was produced, with few specimens having this consistent, strong color and no damage at this size. Apparently, this strangely situated mine was once economic for copper and was abandoned 40 years ago. The actual best copper ore here was a very heavy petrified wood replaced by chalcocite, from which copper could be extracted. Azurite was also found in limited quantities but only collected as specimens after the closure. The source is said to be in a layer dating to the triassic, which is not large and was quickly exhausted over a few years. Dave purchased this at the height of production, and choice, in 2011. While not uncommon in general, this is a particularly nice example and has really dramatic patterns.