Diaspore (twinned)
Mugla Province, Turkey
Thumbnail, 2.5 x 2.2 x 2.1 cm
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This is an exceptionally fine twinned crystal of Diaspore from the world-famous gemstone source at the Diaspore gem mine in the Izmir Province of Turkey. It is a prime, stout, full thumbnail example of the best twinned gem crystals from this locality, robust and stout when most are elegant and slender. This glassy, gem, V-twinned crystal has a rich smoky hue and is perfectly formed with light striations parallel to the length of the component crystals and they have razor sharp pyramidal terminations. The crystal exhibits a discernible alexandrite-style color-change effect, varying from a rose-pink to light olive green with LED lighting! These are classic, rare and difficult to obtain in this quality as there was a lapse in production here for decades and then renewed recent mining is for gemstone material. It has produced some beautiful crystals recently, but only as a byproduct of gem mining. It is in excellent condition, as it comes to a sharp edge at the bottom of the V-twin and there is only minor chatter on the backside and then a growth interruption of some sort on the front of the left crystal. It is a gorgeous and robust Diaspore twin with a mass of 12.2 grams.