Miniature, 4.3 x 3.0 x 1.9 cm
Selcuk District, Izmir Province, Turkey
Ex. Irv Brown
Once an old classic, there was a lapse of production of Diaspore from this locality for decades and then recent re-mining efforts for specimens here have produced a probably brief, but productive, burst of this old gem material again. I would say to get them now while we can, as who knows how long this era of mining can last, and much of it is destroyed for gem rough for the growing market in "czarite" or "sultanite" as this is marketed to the public now. This particularly fine piece was stashed in an old collection from the 1960s-1970s era described in old books. It consists of six, gemmy, prismatic crystal components that almost resemble a reticulated V-twin Cerussite from Tsumeb or Kombat! The somewhat complicated architecture of this Diaspore cluster is a crystal V-shape with a crystal bridge at the top (or bottom depending on how one wants to display it!) Two prominent, bladed, prismatic gem crystals exhibit a delicate yellow-green color with striations parallel to their length. The longer, 4.2 cm crystal is well terminated on one end and roughly so on the other. The wider crystal displays a rough termination on one end and the other end grows into the longer crystal near its termination. The other four smaller crystals are transparent to translucent with more pronounced striations that give them a silky luster. An attractive Diaspore miniature from this famous Turkish locale. Ex. Irv Brown collection.
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