Chrome Dravite Tourmaline
Commander Mine, Nadonjukin, Simanjiro Dist., Manyara Region, Tanzania
Miniature, 4.1 x 1.2 x 1.2 cm

These green Tourmalines from the Commander Mine in Tanzania get their bright green color from trace amounts of vanadium, possibly with a small amount of chromium (see Mineralogical Record, Vol. 40, Number 5 - September-October 2009), and are generally referred to in the mineral and gem trades as chrome tourmaline regardless. They are rare and highly sought-after by collectors due to their amazingly rich green color and this crystal is no exception! This one has a wonderful vitreous luster with very light striations parallel to its length and is more elongate prismatic than most. It displays the deepest, stunning green compared to most crystals out there and has a 5 mm, green-yellow zone in the center of the crystal. It is It is gem throughout much of its length, especially the top third with the lower portion still gemmy, however, it has several veiled inclusions and some internal crazing that doesn't interfere because of the rich, dark green color. It is complete all around and has perfect, complex pyramidal termination at the top. Gem dravite crystals, showing a rich green color with yellow zoning, were one of the few new finds at the Munich show in 2016. From a new find of October 2016, right before the Munich show, came a single pocket of these intensely lustrous crystals. Most of the crystals were with one dealership, whose owner happened to be there at the time of the production and bought nearly all the lots.