Tourmaline (significant for Canada)
Leduc Mine, Val-des-Monts, Outaouais, Quebec, Canada
Small Cabinet, 9.6 x 2.3 x 2.1 cm
Ex. Rod Tyson; Dr. HJ Wilke
$2,250.00 $1,687.50
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A significant Canadian mineral specimen, this nearly 4-inch tall crystal is complete all around (save for a contact in back) and has a light green skin on it. It is said to be one of the best crystals recovered from this highly erratic and unusual lithium-enriched granitic pegmatite, in the famous Grenville district. While many "reference examples" seem to be shown in Mindat, this one would be the best by far. It comes with a label from Rod Tyson and was sold by him in the 1990s to German collector Hans-Jurgen Wilke (who seemingly had a love of unusual Canadian and USA classics!) I have never seen a better one myself, though perhaps they are out there and hidden. It is a display quality, Canadian tourmaline - and so far as many collectors have considered it, Canada is a tourmaline-deficient country!