Franklinite on Calcite
Sterling Hill, Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey, USA
Miniature, 5.1 x 3.9 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Ken Rippere; William (Bill) Larson
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A fine example of an American classic, this exceptional crystal of Franklinite sits prominently on a matrix of contrasting Calcite from the Sterling Hill Mine at Franklin; and has great provenance coming from the Bill Larson and Ken Rippere collections (they were roommates at Colorado School of Mines in the 1960s). This perfectly formed, black, sub-metallic Franklinite is dominated by octahedral faces, however, there are at least two other form modifications making it geometrically interesting and unlike all other sharp Franklinte crystals we have sold, which are predominantly octahedral! The crystal measures 1.8 cm tall and is jutting right out of the contrasting slightly off-white Calcite matrix. And yes, the Calcite fluoresces a vivid red under short wave UV! An exceptional Franklinite miniature. Ex. Ken Rippere and Bill Larson collections with labels.