Quartz with Halloysite inclusions
Cabiche, Quípama Mun., Boyacá Dept., Colombia
Large Cabinet, 19.0 x 12.8 x 7.8 cm
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Crescent shaped, this rich specimen hosts dozens of pastel-colored yellow-orange Halloysite included Quartz crystals intermixed with clear-tipped Quartz crystals. When the crystals are backlit, a number of the "clear" quartz still have similar fibrous inclusions just in thin dispersion within, and so with no coloration. This phenomenon is part of an ongoing study to explain how these fibrous crystals concentrate color. Some minor edge wear and pocket contacting is noted. All of the Quartz crystals across the display vista are in great condition. A pastel, uniform color compared to most specimens, this is a very attractive and fascinating piece with more shape and texture contrast than many from past pockets. Crystals are generally smaller but reach to just under 5 cm.