Quartz with Halloysite inclusions
Cabiche, Quípama Mun., Boyacá Dept., Colombia
Large Cabinet, 22.0 x 19.0 x 14.0 cm
$25,000.00 Payment Plan Available
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This dramatic large specimen is a massive starburst of radiating Halloysite-included Quartz crystals exploding out of a bed of needle quartz, all on a contrasting limonite matrix. The color saturation of the inclusions varies from pale yellow to yellow and yellow-orange, with subtle changes as you look over the piece. The colors are not as strong as in some other pieces; they are beautiful nonetheless and contrast nicely to the clear zones. The lustrous, transparent to translucent prismatic crystals are complete and in great condition with varying terminations from single points to multiple "hoppered" crystals. The upper large crystal bursts upright, sitting on top of a hemisphere of needle-like "Mango Quartz" crystals like it is in a nest, and makes for a superbly dramatic display specimen that does, quite literally, look like it is bursting up and out in motion. A very special, large specimen. We have seen so very few intact specimens of this size, in good condition, and then also with any kind of aesthetics. It is clearly an important large example from the find. NOTE: This cannot be shipped and must be delivered by hand or some other method.