Quartz with Halloysite inclusions
Cabiche, Quípama Mun., Boyacá Dept., Colombia
Small Cabinet, 7.2 x 7.2 x 4.3 cm
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An eye-catching, perfectly-sized small cabinet "Mango Quartz" with the unmistakable richly saturated yellow-orange terminations from a small part of the 2022 production. This specimen has a wonderful aesthetics, with all the colored points showing dramatically from several different possible display angles. Over a dozen lustrous, water clear prismatic crystals that distinctly change towards the terminations due to fibrous inclusions of yellow-orange to yellow-orangish-amber Halloysite. Upon closer examination you start to notice some single crystals terminate with a single point as expected. However some single crystals, especially those with darker tip coloration, tend to have multiple terminations for a look that is "hoppered" in appearance (unusual in Quartz... a very interesting phenomenon). Displays great with crystals shooting out in both directions behind the center vertical cluster. An exquisite non matrix Quartz cluster in as close to pristine condition as you could ask. For whatever reasons of color and geometry, most smaller specimens in this size range simply do not have the impact we get here.