Epidote with Quartz
Green Monster Mine, Prince of Wales, Alaska, USA
Miniature, 3.8 x 3.3 x 1.9 cm
Ex. Irv Brown

Volume and quality of large, blocky epidote specimens have put this mine at the top of American epidote localities, and made it famous worldwide as well. However, this is not the common, typical style of epidote from here, with blocky and robust crystals, in jumbly clusters. This is, instead, one of the most competitive epidote miniatures I could imagine, for the sharp shape and symmetry, balance, and perfect 360 degree formation. This spear-like crystal, measuring 3.8 cm in length, has great luster and form along with neon highlights of its pistachio green interior. An added bonus is the 2.1 cm long colorless quartz crystal attached to the base of the epidote. It is the sharp, textbook termination that makes it, though, and it really does leap out from a shelf. This is a significant miniature for any USA focused collection, and a significant epidote for the size range as well.