Bull Creek, Austin, Travis Co., Texas, USA
Thumbnail, 2.7 x 1.3 x 1.0 cm
Ex. James (Jim) Houran; Bill McBride; Kyle Kevorkian

Texas is not known for many minerals, but it is widely known for its rare pockets of interesting, unique blue celestine crystals that form in the old sandstones of central Texas. Rarely are they transparent, and only 1 in 1000 are gemmy and lustrous. This quality is so incredibly rare, it might be the best single gem celestine crystal from Texas - certainly, the best thumbnail version that I have seen (living in Texas on and off since 1991) and that Jim has seen (he moved here in the early 2000s). Tapering, lustrous single gemmy crystal with textbook form and deep-blue, zoned termination...this is easy to say in writing but you have to see it in person to understand just how good it is. Jim Houran chased this for years before obtaining it for his American Beauties thumbnail single crystal suite, which was sold in full to Kyle Kevorkian some years ago. Admittedly, this is perhaps the most expensive Texas celestine thumbnail out there, but we also feel it is the best. It was in several exhibition cases at Tucson, by Houran and Kevorkian. It comes with an old label, probably from the 1960s at a guess.