Kelly Mine, Magdalena Dist., Socorro Co., New Mexico, USA
Large Cabinet, 16.8 x 9.0 x 5.6 cm
Ex. Martin Zinn
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Lapidary material, carving grade Smithsonite of solid color and translucency used for cabochons and lapidary art objects, was long a major product of the famous Kelly Mine in New Mexico. However, the thickest and best material is old now, and seldom seen for sale (said to predate the 1970s) - and particularly rare in specimen quality after all these years. This is a huge specimen of 1359 grams (exactly 3 pounds in weight) ! It has thick, solid Smithsonite overlaying a small enclosed matrix, and the smithsonite is to just over 4 cm thickness! This is a major display sized specimen as a mineral, but also has considerable value as a source of raw carving material. It has the classic blue color and a shimmering surface luster, that specimens from here are famous for. The edges are trimmed out of the larger rock it was extracted from, but in a natural way so it looks curved at the ends; and it has huge presence on a shelf, for the frontal display face. From the important New Mexico smithsonite collection of noted collector Marty Zinn.