Sphalerite (twinned)
St. Lawrence Zinc No. 4 Mine, Balmat, Balmat-Edwards Zinc Mining Dist., St. Lawrence Co., New York, USA
Thumbnail, 2.3 x 2.0 x 0.8 cm
Ex. Diana Weinrich

This is a superb gem, orange-amber Sphalerite crystal from New York state. It is a single, nearly complete, twinned, completely transparent Sphalerite crystal with glassy faces and sharp edges. Such pieces of gem Sphalerite from the zinc mines of New York are extremely rare and this is one of the best thumbnails we have seen from this mine. The crystal is nearly pristine with contacting at one small bottom edge and then on the back where it was intergrown in places by another crystal. It's gemmy all the way through, and has a bright color that is readily apparent without any backlighting at all. Ex. Diana Weinrich collection and Irv Brown thumbnail collection. This is a stunning gem of a sphalerite from 1990s finds here.