Euclase with Schorl inclusions
Chia mine, Sao Jose da Safira, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Thumbnail, 3.0 x 1.4 x 0.8 cm
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Dozens of jet-black schorl tourmaline crystals dramatically penetrate a colorless euclase crystal, not unlike how rutile is included in quartz. At least a dozen of the schorl needles pass through the crystal and exit onto the surface of the euclase. The top third of the euclase is gemmy, showing just how clear this material from this find is. There's some areas of contact and damage on the back of the termination and bottom right of the crystal. Right before the pandemic in early 2020, Brazil produced these exciting, sharp euclase crystals full of schorl inclusions. These were purchased in Brazil in March 2020 and we acquired all the quality pieces from this pocket. 5.54 g