Schorl with Quartz
Pegmatite #35, Rice Quarry, Groton, Grafton Co., New Hampshire, USA
Cabinet, 11.4 x 9.5 x 7.4 cm
Ex. Robert Whitmore
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A couple of big blocky and lustrous Schorl crystals are featured on this piece from the historic pegmatites in New Hampshire. These monstrous crystals are up to 6.5 cm across and have great pyramidal terminations and barely perceptible vertical striations along their prism faces. There are two large crystals and half a dozen smaller crystals in, and on, a coarse granular, slightly smoky-hued, contrasting Quartz matrix. It displays well with one of the large crystals sitting prominently at the top of the piece and the largest one conspicuously set at the base; both have their glossy terminations displayed very well. Ex. Robert Whitmore collection with label. Old classic locale!