Cassiterite with Quartz
Viloco Mine, Loayz Prov., La Paz Dept., Bolivia
Small Cabinet, 5.2 x 5.0 x 2.9 cm
Ex. Richard Kosnar
$3,500.00 $2,625.00
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The photos and video tell the story here, in a way words cannot - this is the sparkliest, most glassy cassiterite you will see, with stunning luster. It is from the Richard Kosnar collection, with his label noting it was mined in 1976. A true classic, in a rare display quality as a competition-level large miniature or small cabinet specimen. This is such a rarified quality, and should be considered incredibly rare on the market. It is materially different (better) from the average historic material of this style from this location. it literally glows with reflected light off the many facets.