Fluorite on Quartz
PiaoTang mine, Ganzhou, Dayu, Jiangxi Prov.,China
Miniature, 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.6 cm
$1,250.00 Payment Plan Available
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A stunning fluorite gem crystal, approximately 1.5 cm on each edge, is perched on a natural pedestal of quartz on this fantastic miniature specimen. The fluorite is so glassy, so gemmy, and with such a sharp and defined purple phantom within, that it stands beyond most Yaogangxian material in outright quality. The best of the Piaotang Mine material has this special, extra-gemmy and "bright" look to it, that helps them stand out. They are often mixed up, although more rarely seen than Yaogangxian material. It is not big, but it is impressive. It would also trim to make a killer thumbnail, by simply clipping the quartz down to size.

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