Ameib farm 60, Usakos, Karibib Dist., Erongo, Namibia
Miniature, 3.7 x 1.0 x 0.8 cm
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Jeremejevite is an uncommon alumino-borate found in some pegmatite environments, only very rarely in large sizes and gem crystals. This happens to be a gemmy, moderately etched, floater crystal from the pegmatites in the Erongo Mountains of Namibia. It exhibits a very glassy luster and good, rich, lavender blue color. This stout Jeremejevite crystal is actually doubly terminated although the ends are etched and aside from some of the prism faces being etched, there are four crystal faces that are very evident. The, largest and most prominent face is seemingly unetched and the other three smaller faces only show traces of etching along their length. Faces on the backside of the crystal are etched and there is a crossing negative crystal impression from a Jeremejevite that must have been connected and grew at an angle to this one. This lovely lavender blue crystal is transparent along its length save one tiny dark inclusion and a couple of faint horizontal healed fractures. Unusually large, gemmy, and well-colored example from a famous find circa 2010.