Greenockite included Smithsonite
Rush Creek Mining District, Marion Co., Arkansas, USA
Thumbnail, 3.2 x 2.2 x 1.4 cm
Ex. Henry De Linde
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The majority of the greenockite-included smithsonite specimens from Arkansas are actually pseudomorphs after dolomite, which lends to their distinct appearance and nickname of ‘turkey fat.’ However, this stunning toenail-sized specimen represents an uncommon style that is not a pseudomorph, featuring bright, saturated lemon-yellow greenockite-included smithsonite crystals on a bed of micro quartz crystals. The smithsonite crystals, up to several mm, have a bright, waxy luster. Ex. Henry De Linde collection. Henry was an avid collector of Arkansas minerals. In 1973, he became a founding member of the Coon Creek Association, along with Art Smith and Al Kidwell. In their 20 year history, they discovered 7 minerals new to Arkansas and 5 minerals new to the world. In 1987, Henry had “Delindeite”, a new species of mineral, named in his honor.

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