Gachala Municipality, Cundinamarca Department, Colombia
Thumbnail, 2.3 x 1.7 x 1.5 cm
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This captivating blue Euclase full-sized thumbnail is from Gachala, Colombia. These blue Euclase crystals rarely seem to trickle out of the Emerald mines, and only in small quantities. This large thumbnail crystal is largely transparent with a translucent center. There are four, incredibly lustrous Euclase crystals in parallel growth with a larger, more prominent crystal at the center of the group. Faint, parallel striations are present on both the prism and pyramidal faces. The combination of its luster and the striations just make this piece dazzle! The blue hue is stunning, rich and hard to describe. This thumbnail is in excellent condition save a contact cleave on the left side where it was attached, as the bottom of the piece is complete actually, and shows a myriad of small, sparkling crystal faces. 7.8 grams. A superb, FULL sized thumbnail when most are single, little crystals of much smaller volume in comparison.