Cobaltite on Chalcopyrite
Marrgruvan Mine, Hakansboda, Lindesberg, Orebro County, Sweden
Miniature, 3.7 x 3.7 x 2.5 cm
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A single, brilliant metallic, silvery, textbook-shaped 2.0 cm Cobaltite crystal is emplaced noticeably on a Chalcopyrite-Pyrrhotite matrix from the classic locality for the species at Hakansboda, Sweden. This eye-catching specimen is nicely composed with the mirror-bright faces of the sharply formed Cobaltite displayed prominently at the top of the piece. This locality has arguably produced some of the best Cobaltite specimens ever. This is a very fine display quality miniature, as it is, or the crystal (which is repaired in a lock-fit join, after it came out during trimming of the piece) can be removed and displayed as an extraordinarily large thumbnail floater. Ex. Nicolas Engman collection with label.