Weloganite (fluorescent) and Strontianite (fluorescent)
Francon quarry, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Type Locality)
Toenail, 3.2 x 1.4 x 1.1 cm
Ex. J. Rukin Jelks
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Weloganite is extremely rare, with good specimens of this strontium, sodium, zirconium carbonate far and few between. This toenail features a set of parallel, tapered, and translucent crystals that are yellowish to grey. The luster is very good, with abundant growth ridges resulting from alternating prism and termination faces. Weloganite was not found and recognized until the 1960s, and now the Francon Quarry, which is the TYPE LOCALITY, is effectively mined out and closed. There are tufts of acicular Strontianite along the prism faces, which add greatly to the piece, and both species are fluorescent! Very few pockets of Weloganite were found, and pieces only appear out of advanced, recycled collections. Prized by collectors for their unique form, unusual chemistry and interesting crystallization, this is an excellent specimen.