Arsenopyrite with Quartz
Bella Rica prospect, Gaby-Papa Grande, Azuay Province, Ecuador
Cabinet, 10.3 x 8.5 x 4.9 cm
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We do not see many mineral specimens from Ecuador, as the few working mines there seem to send everything to the smelters. This is a great, unusual locality specimen for arsenopyrite. Numerous, one to almost two inch, sharply terminated Quartz crystals rise off this piece in random orientation with silvery Arsenopyrite crystals interspersed at their base. This attractive piece originates from a relatively unheard-of gold-copper deposit in Ecuador and I haven't seen another like it. The Quartz crystals are transparent to milky and some have white patches just below the surface locally to give them added character. All of them are in excellent condition with the exception of the rough Quartz around the edges and then of course the base of the piece where it was removed from the vein. Clustered to isolated, silvery, tin-white Arsenopyrite crystals from one-quarter to nearly one inch are nestled among the Quartz crystals to enhance the displayability of the piece. A very good specimen from an obscure locality. Herb Obodda-Fine Mineral Specimens label.

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