Powellite on Stilbite
Jalgaon, Maharashtra State, India
Small Cabinet, 9.1 x 7.3 x 5.5 cm

This is certainly one of the more important examples of the species in terms of sheer mass, with a giant 5 x 5 cm powellite crystal sitting atop a pedestal of aesthetic stilbite crystals to 4.5 cm in length. The powellite is a large composite crystal of several interjoined smaller crystals growing in the face of the 5 cm monster in the middle, all sharp and terminated and highly lustrous. The color is a beautiful rich honey-yellow. The powellite crystals fluoresce a bright yellow, under UV light. Overall, an imposing specimen and quite a bit more massive than almost anything I can recall seeing for the species. From a small end of 2019 pocket.