Azurite, Anglesite, Malachite, and Calcite (fl)
Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Oshikoto Region, Namibia
Small Cabinet, 6.3 x 6.0 x 3.9 cm
Ex. Shields and Frances Flynn
This is a choice combination piece from Tsumeb, bringing together four of the major species for this locality, all on a massive ore matrix. A layer of botryoidal Malachite, deep green and attractive, coats one side of the matrix, and this was followed by fluorescent, microcrystalline, white Calcite. In turn, the Calcite is overlain by a layer of off-white Anglesite. Rising above these three layers are several Azurite blades, the largest of which is 1.5 cm. This Azurite commands the landscape with its relative size, blue color, and good luster. The look of this crystal is almost architectural, with its striations and fine, multiple terminations. The area of alteration adds both beauty and interest.