Sakoany deposit, Katsepy Commune, Mahajanga Province (Majunga), Madagascar
Cabinet, 12.6 x 12.0 x 9.1 cm
Ex. Dr. Federico Pezzotta

A single large GEM crystal stands straight and proud inside this "pocket" recovered from the inside of a large geode. The crystal is approx 4 inches tall, and stunning in its perfection and clarity. While most such large crystals have flaws and damage, this one has top luster and top gemminess, and sparkles from any angle! Celestite from Madagascar is very common on the mineral specimen market, almost "decor" when in large geodes and plates. However, although common in quantity, this kind of quality is almost never seen. Admittedly, this species and locality is something I never saw myself buying much of in the past, because they were common. However, that is precisely why we should pay attention when they get THIS good! From the long-built private collection of Dr Federico Pezzotta of Milan, who also has worked for decades in Madagascar and is the foremost mineral expert on the country. This is a stunning example of a common species that can actually, in "looks" and actual importance, legitimately hold its own with tourmalines and aquamarines and other fancier species in any mineral showcase. It is that good.