Freieslebenite on Drusy Quartz
Miniature, 4.5 x 2.4 x 1.8 cm
Baia Sprie mine, Felsobanya, Maramures Co., Romania
Ex. Kay Robertson; Carlton Davis
Freieslebenite is an extremely rare sulfo-salt of silver, lead, and antimony, and is found in good crystals in only a few localities. The well-formed, and twinned, crystals here reach up to about 4 mm across, with good metallic luster and numerous, sharp striations. These showy clusters sit on a matrix of what appears to be drusy Quartz. Undoubtedly old material, this is one of the best examples of Freieslebenite I have seen, and from a historic locality, no less. Previously in the well-known collection of Carlton Davis (Rob's own mentor, from Columbus Ohio). This was in Carlton's well-known educational exhibit case of sulfides, that he put in at many shows in the Midwest and in Tucson. It sold to Larry Conklin in the 1980s.