Fluorite on Calcite
Yindongpo Mine, Tongbai Co., Henan Prov., China
Small Cabinet, 5.7 x 5.3 x 3.3 cm
$1,250.00 $937.50
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Stunning purple color makes this an impressive large miniature fluorite from an unusual Chinese locality. Emplaced aesthetically on a color-contrasting white massive calcite matrix are a few, glassy and gemmy, royal- purple colored fluorite crystals, to 2.9 cm in length. They are lustrous and glassy, with a richness to the color that the photos convey pretty well, actually, and is more a pure purple than other lustrous purple fluorites we have yet seen from China. In person, you would see the color is really unusual. I would have thought at first glance this was from Shizuoyuan, but the color and luster are just subtly off in a way hard to convey in the photo. It is, to my experience, a unique oddity (and beautiful!)