Faden Quartz
Massif de Belledone, Savoie, France
Small Cabinet, 6.0 x 2.2 x 0.5 cm
Ex. Francis and Patricia Benjamin

A rare Faden Quartz, from a single famous find in France of the early 2000's, I got this long ago by exchange from the Benjamins and sold it (and got it back recently). This elegant cluster is composed of flattened, doubly terminated, parallel growth of glassy and gemmy, colorless quartz crystals to 2 cm in length. Note the faden lines inside, which show as a distinct white band or thread through each crystal. (The word "faden" means string or thread in German.). A superb specimen of its kind, from one of the rather better-known French collections built in our time - the Benjamins were well known for impeccable taste in aesthetics.