Londonite with Liddicoatite
Antsongombato Gem Mine, Antananrivo, Province, Madagascar
Small Cabinet, 6.0 x 5.0 x 3.5 cm

Perched aesthetically high atop a massive quartz matrix is doubly terminated, glassy and gemmy, yellow londonite crystal measuring 1.6 cm across. It is associated with a smoky quartz crystal measuring 2.4 cm in length along with shards of rich pink tourmaline (Liddicoatite). Londonite, first discovered and named after our friend Dr. Dave London at the beginning of this century, is the cesium dominant analogue of rhodizite. Such crystals like this, with actual luster to them, are very rare! Most crystals, although they get larger, have poor surface luster. This is an exceptional example featuring a super-sharp crystal in an informational/educational matrix environment. For a rare species, these are so beautiful, and yet sadly occur only in a few remote localities in this valley in Madagascar. Only a few this good ever come to market, in my experience.