Smoky Quartz (Japan Law Twin) With Feldspar
Mina Tiro Estrella, Lincoln County, New Mexico
Thumbnail, 2.4 x 1.8 x 0.4 cm
A MAJOR thumbnail specimen from one of the great, iconic finds of quartz of all time! Originally discovered in the 1960's, these Smoky twins remain one of the most impossible-to-obtain of all American finds. This is an outstanding thumbnail, with brilliant luster, gemminess, and elegant striations that add interest and brightness. These Smokies are notable for their aesthetics, rare habit, and sheer rarity. This Smoky, Japan Law-twinned Quartz represents the finest American occurrence of both "open" and "closed" twins from one pocket (this one shows a closed twin with great chevron twin planes). The fine aesthetics are enhanced even more by the ridge of Feldspar that climbs along the front, and the overall aesthetics are not at all diminished by the little bit of edge wear on the back side. I have seen only a few of these for sale in last few decades. For thumbnail size, and the combination of symmetry and quality of the crystal with matrix to accent it, this one stands out very nicely.