Fluorite (Fluorescent) With Chalcopyrite and Baryte
Rosiclare Level, North-End, Denton Mine, Harris Creek District, Illinois, USA
Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 5.6 x 5.3 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie
Very attractive, complex Fluorite crystal, mined at the Denton Mine in 1984 by Ross Lillie himself. The core is a rich yellow, and all the Baryte inclusions are associated with this phase of growth of the center crystal core. The outer zone is a lavender hue with several sharp phantoms within it. Looking inside, you see a surreal landscape of Baryte inclusions pointing inwards. The dominant display corner of the Fluorite is raised as if a scepter, caused by a very gemmy elongated growth period above and beyond the included yellow core on one edge of the piece (why? who can say?). This adds interest and a quality above the norm, making it more 3-dimensional. Better in person! Note the fluorescence, which is unusual here. RCL 173