Lapis Mine, Sar-e-Sang, Kokscha, Badakhshan, Afghanistan
Thumbnail, 2.3 x 2.2 x 2.1 cm
Ex. Dr. Gary Hansen
Emplaced aesthetically on a matrix of snow white marble is a superbly equant, indigo blue crystal of lazurite, measuring 1.7 cm in length. From the ancient world's best locality for lapis lazuli, a massive form of lazurite, has recently come these superb crystals. However, most have problems of luster, sharpness, or aesthetics. Even amongst all that come out, this one leaps out to me as one of the most perfect stereotypical examples I have seen. It is a perfect thumbnail specimen: complete all around, with just the right bit of matrix, aesthetics, consistency of color, and sharpness. I trimmed this down from a miniature which was formerly in the older dealer stock of Herb Obodda.