Baryte With Hematite Coating
Mowbray Mine, Frizington, Cumberland, England, United Kingdom
Cabinet, 10.3 x 7.3 x 7.0 cm
This specimen of an old English classic (mid to late 1800s era) has great architecture and form! It is lustrous and translucent, with a truly unusual color combination of red hematite coating contrasting to the light bluish gray, that makes the three-dimensionality of the crystal's faces really leap out. This spear-like Baryte crystal measures 9 cm in length and is complete save only for very minor wear on the termination (given its age of over 100 years, I can live with that). The hematite coating, which is common enough in spotty or mottled version but here is very uniform and colorful, really makes the piece, though. Aesthetically perched on a small bit of dolostone matrix, this is a major Baryte specimen for its aesthetics and size from what must certainly be considered THE classic locale.