Tourmaline (1972 Blue Cap Pocket)
Tourmaline Queen Mine (1972), Pala, San Diego County, California, USA
Cabinet, 10.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 cm
This is "one of those" famous blue-caps from the 1972 pocket - it is in fact a very robust, large tourmaline crystal from this pocket with the top color and luster. It has no repairs or damage. This was originally sold to a collector in Detroit in 1972, and I have the whole ownership history since that time. I am honored to be representing this specimen now for the current owner. Blue-caps come up to market so seldomly that few collectors will ever get a chance to own a great one, regardless of wealth or access. This is such a chance - and on a major example that is, so far as I know, the only one currently on the market. For more information, there are a variety of articles and books with chapters on this famous find, which is literally the top find in US history of a gem mineral species. We are proud to represent this for the owner. Price on request - inquiries invited. Joe Budd photos.