Fluorite With Quartz and Calcite
Piaotang Mine, Xihuashan, Dayu Co., Jiangxi Province, China
Small Cabinet, 9.1 x 5.2 x 4.1 cm
$3,250.00 Payment Plan Available
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This unusual specimen is a sculptural arrangement of gem fluorite, sharp quartz, and elegant bladed calcite from a locality that most westerners have not heard of, and which is often confused with material from the Yaogangxian Mine in Hunan Province. Exquisitely framed by the glassy and gemmy colorless quartz crystals, to 4 cm in length, is a cluster of glassy and gemmy, violet colored fluorite cuboctahedrons to 2.4 cm across. They have a juicy color not often seen in Chinese fluorite. The fluorite crystals fluoresce a lovely purple as a bonus. They display prominently either as a vertical or horizontal display angle, and the piece can therefore go either way in a case. It is ALMOST a floater, with just a few small contacts in back and otherwise complete all around. A custom lucite base is included.

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